Navigating your way around Cradle Mountain

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Everything you need to know about Tasmania’s Bay of Fires


Bay of Fires is a truly beautiful part of the world. Located on Tasmania’s north-east coast, expect to be greeted with iridescent blue water, white sandy beaches and huge, granite rocks splashed with orange lichen. The juxtaposition between the blue and orange is a magnificent sight to see.

The area is well known for its bird watching and beach activities such as snorkelling and diving, with scenic reefs, corals, and varied sea life. Whilst driving along the roads keep a look out for native Australian animals such as kangaroos, wallabies and pademelons (a real marsupial, found only in Tasmania).


Getting here:

To get to this picturesque destination, we drove to Eddystone Point Lighthouse from Launceston airport. It was a 2.5-hour drive, with a large part of it on a dirt road. Luckily, there were barely any other cars on the road, which is what you can largely expect during your whole trip around Tassie.

Allow for a few hours to wander up and down the coastline here, taking in the beautiful scenery. You never know what you’ll find; we spotted a wobbegong (carpet shark) in the shallow waters!


Binalong Bay:

From Bay of Fires, we needed to make our way to Coles Bay. We stopped off at Binalong Bay, a small coastal town situated at the southern end of the Bay of Fires, just in time to watch the sunset over the ocean. There isn’t much here, but it made for a peaceful stopover on a multi-hour drive.