How to get to Kranjska Gora and Zelenci from Bled


Kranjska Gora is located in the north west of Slovenia, surrounded by mountains and the glacial lakes of Triglav National Park; Zelenci Nature Reserve is located inside the national park. Kranjska Gora is right on the border with Austria, so you’ll see a strong  Austrian influence while you’re walking around the town.

If you’re planning on visiting/staying in Bled, I wrote a guide on what to do here.


How to get here:

  • Car: If you have a car, unlike me, this will make your life infinitely easier. It is a quick 35 minute drive from Bled. However, if you don’t have a car, don’t fret, as you can get here via public transport, it will just take three times as long.
  • Public transport: From Bled town centre, walk to Bled Jezero train station. Get the train to Jesenice train station, costing 1,28€ for a single ticket. Check with Rome2Rio for train times, as the trains run at weird intervals. You may miss the bus to Kranjska Gora, like I did, from Jesenice Obcina as it is a 10 minute walk from the train station. Unfortunately, I had to wait an hour for the next bus to come. Take the bus from Kranjska Gora to Podkoren, for 3,10€.
  • Walk to Zelenci from Podkoren: From Podkoren use your map, either Google maps or an actual map, and locate the last parking lot of the national park and walk to there. You’ll be walking beside a highway, in fields of grass looking towards the beautiful mountains. Once you’re at the parking lot, follow the signs to Zelenci, and it will take five minutes to get there! There is a viewing platform and a chair you can sit on and look out at the stunning mountains.
  • Getting back to Bled: Walk back to Podkoren bus stop, and get the bus back to Kranjska Gora or if it goes all the way to Jesenice, take that bus if you’ve already walked around the town. You can then get the train from Jesenice to Bled, or there is also a bus that stops out the front of Jesenice train station and goes to Bled bus station.


Is it worth visiting as a day trip from Bled?

Yes! While I found the public transport to get there pretty annoying, it ended up being a really peaceful and beautiful day. Walking around a town that is surrounded by mountains, and walking across a paddock with cows and snow-capped mountains in the background was a perfect way to spend my last day in Slovenia.

I would suggest renting a car if you’re planning on travelling around Slovenia to make your life easier, as the public transport wasn’t so frequent and I spent a lot of my day waiting around for buses and trains.



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