The city of Jewish Mysticism; visiting Tzfat


Tzfat is a city located in the Northern District of Israel. It is a magical town built upon a hill; it is the highest city in the Galilee. It is home to ultra-religious Jews and secular artists searching for inspiration and meaning around the charming cobblestone alleyways.

The city of Tzfat is known for its spiritual Kabbalistic vibe along with a strong tradition in mystical Judaism that resides here. This is reinforced by the book of Kabbalistic thought, the Zohar, which believes that the Jewish messiah will first reveal himself in the upper Galilee, and most probably Tzfat.

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What to do-

Tzfat is not large, so it doesn’t take long to walk all of Tzfat’s Old City but make sure you allow yourself enough time to wander aimlessly for a few hours. There are many beautiful architectural details on the buildings, old cobblestone walls and little boutique shops with locally made jewelry and paintings to peruse.

  • Abuhav Synagogue
  • Caro Synagogue
  • Art galleries


How to dress-

As the town is largely populated with Jewish Orthodox, modest dress is recommended when visiting. For women, this includes a below-the-knee skirt or long, flowy pants and at least a sleeved shirt. For men, pants covering the knees would be respectful.


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