4 Things To Do In The Blue Mountains


Visiting the Blue Mountains is a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for any city dweller looking for an escape from their busy life in Sydney, NSW. The Blue Mountains is filled with art galleries, culture, outdoor activities, food and wine.

I have made a list of four of my favourite things to do when visiting the Blue Mountains:

1. The Three Sisters

If you are just interested in snapping the famous view of The Three Sisters you can see it from a viewing platform metres from a car park. However, if you have more time on your hands, enjoy one of the beautiful surrounding bush walks. There are a few to choose from depending on what grade and length you are after.


2. Wentworth Falls

There is a bush walk to get to the Falls. If you really want to see the waterfall make sure you go when its recently rained, but not too recently that the ground is all muddy! You can continue along this track, deep into the surroundings, but be warned it is very steep getting back up.

22497108_10212503782703188_238651904_o (1)

3. Leura township

Wander around the beautiful boutique stores and stop in at one of the restaurants for lunch or an afternoon tea treat.


4. Visit a Garden

We were lucky and visited in Spring as all the flowers are in bloom! However the Blue Mountains are beautiful any time of the year, filled with lots of beautiful gardens and lush greenery. A perfect escape from the city!



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My name is Paige Braunstein. I am a 23-year-old traveller, who has visited 30 countries and 4 continents. I recently completed my degree in a Bachelor of Journalism and love travelling, politics, history, photography and food.

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