Best Beaches in the Eastern Suburbs


The 1st September marked the beginning of spring in Australia. This means longer, sunnier and warmer days have arrived. In Australia, it is not uncommon for people to swim and surf year long but for those of us who aren’t that brave (crazy?) we look forward to the spring and summer months.

I thought I’d compile a list of beaches you must visit during the summer months whether you’re a local or visiting Sydney. This post is just on the beaches in the Eastern Suburbs and as summer progresses I’ll post some different beach spots in Sydney/NSW to visit!

The way to get the most out of your day is to start early so you can visit a few beaches. Depending where you are coming from will determine which way you beach hop.

1. Coogee Beach


We started our day at Coogee Beach. Coogee Beach actually has a ‘woman’s only’ section where you can comfortably get your nips out if you so please (and let’s be honest, what lady doesn’t love that option?).

2. Gordon’s Bay


We then drove the short distance to Gordon’s Bay, which is a beautiful little cove right near Coogee beach. I think Gordan’s Bay is my favourite place in Sydney- it is just gorgeous and not everyone knows about this little slice of heaven yet.

3. Bronte Beach


Bronte is quieter than it’s next door neighbour, Bondi. This is because many people partake in the Coogee to Bondi walk, often surpassing Bronte and finishing their day in Bondi. Meaning, Bronte is a much more pleasant beach to sunbathe at. Plus, look at those views! If you want to do the Coogee to Bondi walk, I’d say walk back around to Bronte once you’ve completed your walk.

4. Bondi Beach


The most famous of all Sydney beaches. While it is beautiful it is probably my least favourite beach. It is always crowded and very loud. I prefer the quieter beaches for better R&R. However, away from the main strip, Bondi hosts some delicious restaurants so it is worth braving the crowds at least once.

5. Double Bay Beach


End your day in Double Bay; it is a nice quiet bay looking out towards some of the nicest houses in Sydney, just minutes away from boutique shops and restaurants.



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