There’s more to Salzburg than the Sound of Music?


For many, Salzburg equates to the home of the famous movie ‘The Sound of Music’. However, to my surprise, many travellers in Salzburg hadn’t even heard of the movie before visiting!

Salzburg is a beautiful, quaint city with pastel buildings, surrounded by mountains with delicious cafes and restaurants. I think a lot of travellers tend to skip Salzburg (I know my parents did when they did a similar trip to my brother and I) and only visit the capital of Austria- Vienna. But if time permits, I recommend adding on a few days to your itinerary to explore Salzburg.

From Munich we caught a quick 2 hour bus to Salzburg. It’s still crazy to me that you can hop on a bus or train and in 2 hours you are in a different country, but well, that’s the joys of Europe for you!

Even if you don’t love the Sound of Music (it is one of my favourites), it is hard not to enjoy your time in Salzburg. My brother loved it and lets just say he does not love the movie, especially after he had to listen to me singing the lyrics everyday for a solid two weeks. If you’re a fan of classical music, you would also know this is Mozart’s birthplace.

DSC06668DSC06642DSC06649DSC066441. View over Salzburg town sqaure from Dom Quartier, 2. View from across the river to the old town, 3. Entrance to Schloss Mirabell Palace, 4. Schloss Mirabell Palace, 5. Schloss Mirabell Palace

What to do-

While Salzburg is a small city, there is still a lot on offer!

  • Mozart’s Birthplace
  • Dom Quartier- this was a nice church, but if you miss it, I don’t think you are missing out on much. It also cost 10€ to get inside
  • Walk around the town, get lost amongst the cobbled stoned streets
  • Walk up to the Hohensalzburg Castle overlooking the town
  • Schloss Mirabell Palace
  • Sound of Music hop on hop off tour
  • Day trip to Hallstatt- I write about this here in detail.
DSC06701DSC06716DSC06635DSC06636DSC06672DSC06652DSC067306. Middle of town, 7. View near Hohensalzburg Castle, 8-9, Streets of Salzburg near my hostel, 10. Bridge in Salzburg, 11. At Schloss Mirabell Palace, 12. Town with Mozart ball and looking up at the castle

Travel tips-

  • Dom Quarter- This was where I got the best photos from above overlooking the town square
  • Time needed- Two full days in Salzburg would permit you enough time to walk around and see everything, it is not a big city
  • Day trip- Definitely leave yourself enough time to go on a day trip from Salzburg. We picked Hallstatt but there were other places to go to as well!
  • Hohensalzburg Castle- There are good views overlooking the town on the walk up to the castle if you don’t want to pay for the view from the castle itself. When you are about halfway there is a walkway- walk through there until you come to a fortress type wall for views overlooking the beautiful mountains/houses of Salzburg.
DSC06729DSC06670DSC06676DSC06679DSC06651DSC06684DSC0670613. Gasthaus restaurant, 14. Salzach, 15. Mozart’s birthplace, 16. Streets in Salzburg, 17. Schloss Mirabell Palace, 18. Pastel buildings around town, 19. View near the castle


I stayed at YoHo Hostel. Salzburg is a small city, so everything is in fairly close proximity- including this hostel. The hostel had a small bar and offered a buffet breakfast making it easy to socialise. My brother and I met some interesting people at this hostel to say the least, making it a very memorable stay.

DSC06683DSC06694DSC06723DSC06696DSC0669920. Karajan Square and the Horse Pond, 21. Main square, 22. Apfelstrudel and strawberry cream cake, 23. Main square, 24. Main square


  • Gasthaus restaurant- This was where I got the Braumeister schnitzel and hopple popple!
  • Apfelstrudel
  • I tried a Mozart flavoured ice-cream here!
DSC06705DSC06724DSC06725DSC06736DSC06710DSC06871DSC06874DSC06877DSC06881DSC0688225. View over town on walk to castle, 26. Mozart statue in town, 27-28. Town, 29. View overlooking the mountains from my tips, 30. Church in main square, 31. View from Dom Quartier, 32. Inside Dom Quartier church, 33. Beautiful pastel buildings, 34. Overlooking river

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