3 Days in Munich

DSC06461DSC06483DSC065671. Marienplatz, 2. View from St. Peter’s Church, 3. Neuschwanstein Castle

After Berlin, we travelled south to Munich (München). München is a city famous for its beer gardens and pretzels, so if you’re a fan of either of these you won’t be disappointed.

However, I can assure you there is a lot more to do in Germany’s third largest city and its surroundings than just drinking beer. If World War 2 is of interest to you, you will love it here.

Also, you’ll probably see the locals walking around in their lederhosens and dirndls, which in my opinion, is one of the best things about Bavaria.

DSC06498DSC06466DSC065634. View from St. Peter’s Church, 5. Bavarian State Opera, 6. View near Neuschwanstein Castle

What to do-

  • Sandeman’s Walking Tour- As I always say, I do a walking tour in every city. I really enjoyed this walking tour despite the horrible weather we had to endure to partake in this tour. Munich is the city that the Nazi party actually derived out of, so there is a lot of history regarding World War 2. They also have a long and quirky beer history which you learn about. All around it was an interesting tour of Munich’s history.
  • Hofbräuhaus- This is the most famous and largest beer hall in the world. There are other chains around the world, but this is the original so definitely check this one out.
  • Beer Halls- Apart from the most famous beer hall, there are lots of other ones to choose from to enjoy a large stein of beer! I must say, I am not a beer drinker but the beer in Munich was definitely enjoyable to drink.
  • The Englischer Garten- This was nothing amazing, but it was nice enough to walk through if you have some spare time in Munich. At one end, a Californian created a river to surf in because he felt that the locals were missing out! Make sure you check the locals surfing there. They have wetsuits and everything.
  • A day trip to Neuschanstein- This was beautiful and I highly recommend taking the trip out as it was probably my favourite thing I saw in Germany. Granted, the weather was perfect the day we visited but it was just spectactular! It is the castle that the Disney castle is based off of. Take the Marienbrucke trail for the famous photo of the castle. If you don’t want to walk up the hill you can get a horse and carriage to take you up there like royalty.
DSC06450DSC06622DSC06545DSC064547. Marienplatz, 8. Füssen, 9. Road to Neuschanstein, 10. Infamous pretzels- this was the best one I had

Travel tips-

  • Cost-effective travelling- From Berlin, we caught a 7 hour bus to Munich because it was very cheap. I can’t remember the exact price, but somewhere between 20 to 30€. This was fine for us as I was travelling for 5 weeks and my brother for many months, so spending the day in the bus didn’t affect our travels.
  • Quick travelling- There are quicker trains from Berlin to Munich, or vice versa or there is the option of a 1.5 hour flight, but of course these options are more expensive.
  • St. Peter’s Church- This will give you really nice views over the city for 3€.
  • Neuschwanstein- You can do a tour from Munich through your hostel, tour groups or possibly your hotel for around 40-50€. However, we just got the train ourselves to Füssen for 15,50€ return. From Füssen there is a bus which takes you to the bottom of the castle trail. The bus is included in your train ticket, so you don’t have to pay any extra!
  • Oktober Fest- I did not come to Munich during this time, but I heard the prices are much higher during this period for obvious reasons. I visited in May, just before peak season and the hostels were a very reasonable price.
DSC06460DSC06523DSC06494DSC06618DSC0651911. Marienplatz, 12. Englischer Garten, 13. View from St. Peter’s Church, 14. Füssen, 15. Beer garden in Englischer Garten


I stayed at the Euro Youth Hostel. The beds were comfortable and the place had a bar. Most nights there was an activity on down in the common room/bar area which made it really easy to meet new people. I met a lot of really lovely people at this hostel and it was a really enjoyable stay. The hostel was in a great location, about 10 minutes walk to Marienplatz, 10 minutes from the train station and 15 minutes from the main bus bay. The street was filled with other hostels and hotels which meant there were a lot of great restaurants surrounding us and there was even a small super market to grab bread and fruit from!

DSC06551DSC06476DSC06467DSC06527DSC06577DSC0660916. Houses around Neuschwanstein, 17. Marienplatz, 18. Marienplatz, 19. Surfing at Englischer Garten, 20. Neuschwanstein, 21. Houses around Neuschwanstein


  • Pork knuckle
  • Weinerschnitzels
  • Pretzels- famous for these!
  • Beer
  • Haribo lollies
  • Spargel- for some reason everyone in Germany was going crazy over white spargel (asparagus) as it only grows for a short period of time! So if you want to try white spargel, visit Germany in May.
DSC06614DSC06617DSC06522DSC06620DSC0645122. Lake at Neuschwanstein, 23. Füssen, 24. Englischer Garten, 25. Füssen, 26. Fruit stand with white spargel

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