3 days in Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing 2Nagano 61. Shibuya Crossing, 2. Nagano Snow Monkey Park,

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and the world’s most populous metropolis, according to World Atlas. Tokyo blends the traditional and historic with the ultramodern, being a city made up of the latest technological gadgets and neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples and shrines.

Tokyo offers an unlimited choice of culture, entertainment, history, shopping and dining to its visitors and citizens. There are many beautiful historic gardens and temples throughout the city, vibrant electronic hubs, and traditional eateries; and the best part about Tokyo is that each district inside the city offers something a little different depending on your taste.

HarajukuSenso-ji Shrine3. Harajuku, 4. Senso-ji Temple,


Observing the juxtaposition between the Chinese and Japanese was one of my favourite experiences throughout my travels across the two countries. Without travelling to a country, you don’t truly get to witness the mannerisms of the people and the culture of a country. From living in my own western culture bubble I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I didn’t realise just how different the mannerisms, cultures and cuisine between the two countries were.

The Japanese were polite and respectful, but very quiet. No one came up to ask for photos, you were merely another citizen within their busy sphere. The trains were awfully quiet regardless of the multitudes of people on each train. It was pleasant, but it was different to China. In China, everyone laughed and smiled at you, even though they couldn’t communicate with you. They wanted your photo, they included you. One similarity that didn’t change between countries, was the mass of people on the trains. At all hours of the day.

RamenCute food5. Ramen, 6. Cute cafe with panda and bear buns,

Travel tips:

  • JR Pass: Get the JR Pass if you are going to be travelling across country
  • Multi-day pass: Within Tokyo, if you are going to be using the subway a lot in one day, get the one-day multi pass
  • Sim card: Get a sim card and don’t throw away the packaging (like I did). You can get these from a vending machine in the airport, or I was told Akihabara (the electronic district) also sells them and sets the sim card up for you.
  • Travelling from airport: If you fly into Tokyo, figure out where your hotel/hostel is before you arrive and get the airport train shuttle to the vicinity you are staying in. We had intended to get a taxi as we arrived late in Tokyo and it was going to cost us $250AUD, so instead we got the train which cost $15AUD.
  • Food: Be prepared if you don’t like fish. A lot of dishes have (raw) fish in them.
  • Vegetarian: Be prepared if you’re a vegetarian, there were basically no vegetables in all of Japan when I visited in December and I very nearly contracted scurvy (not quite, but I imagine it feels somewhat how I was feeling)
  • Cost for meal: For a decent meal you’re looking at paying around 1,500 yen.
  • Shopping: The clothes are very expensive, so if you plan to do a lot of shopping, do a lot of saving first!
  • Expensive: As a travel destination on the whole, I found Japan to be on the more expensive side. If you are after a cheap but equally as interesting Asian experience, I’d suggest China or SEA.
Nagano 2Harajuku 27. Nagano Snow Monkey Park, 8. Me in Harajuku,

Day 1- Senso-ji Temple and Ueno Park

My first day in Tokyo was the first day it had snowed in 54 years in November. I’m from Australia, and it never snows where I live so at first I was excited. Sitting inside in the warmth of my hostel, gazing out of the window watching the white fluffy snow gently fall to the ground was peaceful. But reality struck hard when I stepped outside. It was freezing; my toes were cold, my nose was cold and I couldn’t stop complaining about the (dramatised) hypothermia I was experiencing.

We had ventured out to the Senso-ji Temple, which I thought was a very simple temple compared to the intricately detailed temples we saw in China. As you walk towards the Senso-ji Temple there are numerous souvenir stores which did have some very nice knick-knacks.

We then caught the train to Ueno and walked around Ueno Park, which was nice but it was still rainy/snowy. Just near the park on the right hand side (I didn’t catch the name), there was the cutest and yummiest bakery with other little fast food chains in there too. We got panda and bear shaped buns! This was a highlight of my trip, as I am absolute sucker for anything cute and especially shaped like a panda.

For the whole day we purchased a one-day multi pass for 1000 yen. I recommend purchasing this if you plan on going to a few places throughout the day. We probably went on about 10 trains.

Meiji Jingu ShrineVowz Bar drinks9. Meiji Jingu Shrine, 10. Drinks at Vowz Bar

Day 2- Shibuya, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku and Shinjuku

Shibuya Crossing was possibly my favourite tourist attraction in Tokyo. Catch the train to Shibuya and walk out into the crossing to be apart of the atmosphere. Once you’ve experienced the walk for yourself, you’ll want to photograph it. Walk towards Starbucks and go to the look out in there. If the sun isn’t working in your favour, look out over the crossing and you’ll see a glass overpass, this is part of the train stations shopping centre. This is where I got my photographs.

We walked around the Meiji Jingu Shrine, which was peaceful and relaxing. Then we went to Harajuku and walked through Takeshita Dori. Allow about an hour to wander through and try a crepe from one of many crepe stores.

At night we went to Vowz Bar, which was a recommendation from a friend who recently visited Japan. This was located in Shinjuku and was the funnest thing we did in Tokyo. The drinks were the best alcoholic beverages we’ve ever had! The barmen were also lovely and accommodating. Make sure you try the complimentary crispy noodles! Stick around late enough and hopefully you’ll get to be apart of their chanting/praying, which was quite the experience.

Nagano 4Cute food 2ChiyodaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11. Nagano Snow Monkey Park, 12. Panda and Bear Buns, 13. Chiyoda, 14. Mum and daughter at Meiji Jing Shrine

Day 3- Imperial Palace, Chiyoda and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

I spent the morning walking around the Imperial Palace. It is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is stunning architecture, and a peaceful spot in a bustling city. I was also recommended to check out Chiyoda, which was a really beautiful park. All the leaves were different fall colours with a city backdrop, which made for a lovely photograph. We were also lucky and spotted a black Shiba Inu and it made a curly blep!

At night we went up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building where we saw the city come alive at night! It puts into perspective just how massive Tokyo really is.

  • Opening hours: 9:30am-11:00pm
  • Closed: December 29 to January 3, open January 1
  • Admission: Free
Nagano 5Chiyoda 2View from Tokyo Government BuildingVowz Bar15. Nagano Snow Monkey Park, 16. Imperial Palace, 17. Tokyo Government Building Observations, 18. Vowz Bar,

Day 4- Nagano Snow Monkey Park

We caught our first Shinkansen to Nagano! This was an adventure on its own and something you have to do when you’re in Japan. From Nagano, we caught a one hour bus to the Snow Monkey Park which was an extra 1,400 yen each way. There were other modes of transportation out to the Snow Monkey Park, but we thought this was the easiest way. Once you’re at the Snow Monkey Park, it will cost you 500 yen to enter the actual area.

This was such a great experience, witnessing the monkeys run past you in the wild like a house hold pet. The monkeys are not vicious but definitely don’t shove a camera right in their face or try to pat them. Observing them bathing in the hot springs was a truly mesmerising moment.

NaganoNagano 9Tempura banana19. Nagano, 20. Nagano Snow Monkey Park, 21. Fried banana, ice cream and yuzu sherbet


We stayed at Anne Hostel Tokyo. This is nice, granted you don’t get stuck with a room mate who snores very loudly for three nights in a row. They also provide you with a complimentary breakfast which is always an added bonus!

Shibuya Crossing 4Ueno Park15319196_10210055740004292_4338506570737880928_n22. Shibuya Crossing, 23. Ueno Park, 24. Shiba Inu doing a blep!

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