Curracurrang Falls, Royal National Park


This beautiful waterfall and secluded swimming hole, Curracurrang Falls, is nestled in the royal national park a little off the beaten track.

There are no signs posted for Curracurrang Falls so it is a little hard to find, making it a generally quiet and secluded swimming spot. The water can be quite cold, especially if it has rained recently but it is deep enough to jump straight in!

To get here:

You need to drive through the Royal National Park to Wattamolla car park. Drive to the very last parking lot- parking is paid here. Park fees are $12 per vehicle per day. From the car park walk through the gate to a fire trail which will lead you to the right trail you want to be on. Keep following the signs for the trail for about 2km and eventually you will come to Curracurrang gully creek. Once here, there should be a small sign with “Curracurrang” written on it. From this point, there should be a track to the right side of the creek- follow this track. After around 200 metres through forest you will reach the swimming hole!

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