Touring Around the South Island of New Zealand

SAM_5728 Queenstown
SAM_5854 Milford SoundSAM_5687 CromwellSAM_5600To Mount Cook1. Remarkables lookout in Queenstown, 2. Milford Sound, 3. Cromwell, 4. On the way to Mount Cook

12 Days in the South Island of New Zealand

I visited the South Island of New Zealand and began my journey in Christchurch. We spent 1.5 days here, mostly walking around and seeing what Christchurch had to offer. When we arrived an earthquake had hit a few days ago and it was very rainy, so this wasn’t the greatest start to our holiday.

SAM_5588 Lake TekapoSAM_5657 Tasman GlacierSAM_5570 Lake Tekapo5. Lake Tekapo, 6. Tasman Glacier, 7. Lake Tekapo

From Christchurch we rented a car (which I definitely recommend in order to get around New Zealand, unless you are doing an organised tour). We stopped at Lake Tekapo along the way to our next destination, and were treated to beautiful weather. The water was glistening a perfect pale blue with mountains looming in the background, making for a picture perfect photograph.

SAM_5566 to Mt CookSAM_5605 To Mount CookSAM_5685 Cromwell8. Horses on the way to Mount Cook, 9. On the way the Mount Cook, 10. Cromwell

We arrived at our destination, Mount Cook, in the afternoon. We completed a long walk through the mountain and across an extension bridge. We stayed here, which was a rustic, wooden lodge. Make sure you go outside at night and look up at the thousands of beautiful stars in the open skies, something you don’t see very often if you’re from a big city like I am.

SAM_5688 CromwellSAM_5613 Mount CookSAM_5647 Tasman Glacier11. Cromwell, 12. Mount Cook, 13. Tasman Glaciers

The next morning, we went out on the Tasman Glaciers. Check out this site to book and organise your own glacier experience. I highly recommend doing this, as the glaciers are melting very rapidly and soon they may not even exist… Which is a very upsetting thought.

SAM_5708 QueenstownSAM_5691 CromwellSAM_5751 To Glenorchy14. Queenstown, 15. Roaring Meg Lookout, 16. On the road to Queenstown

After Mount Cook, we drove to Queenstown. If you just drive straight there, you’re looking at around a 3 hour drive. We stopped off at Cromwell to have lunch and see the Roaring Meg Lookout, to break up the trip. The drive to Queenstown was magical, the water and mountains make an unreal looking photo. You have to pinch yourself to make sure that what you are looking at is real.

SAM_5693 Roaring Meg LookoutSAM_5755 Wilson BaySAM_5817 Milford SoundSAM_5837 Milford Sound17. Roaring Meg Lookout, 18. On the way to Queenstown, 19. Milford Sound, 20. Seals at Milford Sound

We spent the afternoon walking around Queenstown. Check out this ice bar for a trendy place to grab a beverage and cool down if you’re visiting in the summer! Make sure you go up the gondola to get to the Remarkables lookout onto Queenstown. An absolute must in Queenstown is eating at the famous Ferg Burger at least once. You will not be disappointed; the burgers are the size of your head!

SAM_5758 To GlenorchySAM_5759 To GlenorchySAM_5770 GlenorchySAM_5792 Milford SoundSAM_5756 To Glenorchy21. On the way to Queenstown, 22. Glenorchy, 23. Glenorchy, 24. Milford Sound, 25. On the way to Queenstown

The next day we went out to Milford Sound to see the New Zealand fjords. We were so lucky and got absolutely perfect weather! There are a few different tours that run cruises out on the fjords, so take a peruse around the net and see which one suits you best!

SAM_5805 Milford SoundSAM_5821 Milford SoundSAM_5866 Te AnuSAM_5842 Milford Sound26. Seals at Milford Sound, 27. Milford Sound, 28. Glenorchy, 29. Milford Sound

After our adventures in Queenstown, we drove across to Dunedin. Here we walked up Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest residential street according to the Guinness World Records. We checked out Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin Botanic Garden and Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Also visit Velvet Burger if you are a burger lover!

SAM_5856 Milford SoundSAM_5865 Te AnuSAM_5825 Milford SoundSAM_5876 Te Anu30. Milford Sound, 31. Te Anu (where we stayed in Dunedin), 32. Milford Sound, 33. Te Anu

Some tips for your trip:

No matter what time of year you visit the South Island, rain is a strong possibility and even in the summer time it can get quite cool. I visited the South Island in summer, and when we got to Dunedin people had their heaters on!

I would suggest to bring an array of summer and winter clothes, and definitely don’t forget a raincoat and sunglasses.

SAM_5738 QueenstownSAM_5746 Queenstown34. Ice-cream in Queenstown, 35. Ferg Burger

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