How to Spend 1 Day in Bergen

IMG_4625P1020811IMG_47011. Bryggen, 2. Bryggen, 3. View from Fløyen,

If you read my post on Norway in a Nutshell, you would have seen that I travelled from Oslo to Bergen via the fjords. This left me with one afternoon and one full day to explore the beautiful town that is Bergen.

Travelling to Bergen I had no idea what to expect, especially since Oslo was completely different to what I had envisioned Norway to be like. Bergen exceeded my expectations.

IMG_4639IMG_46604. Lille Lungegårdsvannet, 5. Quaint streets of Bergen

Things to do:

  • Bryggen: Bryggen is one of Bergen’s main attractions. Bryggen was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. I recommend dedicating an hour or two to walk through the little shops and cafes located in the strip of beautiful buildings.
  • Fløibanen funicular: this runs up the mountain of Fløyen, where you can get the best view over Bergen. I wouldn’t recommend going on this if the weather is hazy or cloudy as you aren’t likely to get a great view. We went up around 5:00pm (I visited in summer) and the weather was perfect and sunny, making for breathtaking views. We opted to take the funicular up and walk back down, which took roughly an hour to make it all the way back into town. It is a very easy walk and if the weather is nice, I suggest doing this. A single, adult ticket will set you back NOK 45, or NOK 90 for a return. Children are NOK 23 for a single, or NOK 45 for return.
  • Lille Lungegårdsvannet: this is a small, but lovely park with a lake in the centre of the city. Take a walk down here and enjoy a nice picnic on the grass. From here, you should walk into the back streets of Bergen and wander around. Look at all the beautiful buildings and houses. This can occupy you for hours!
P1020884IMG_46136. View from Fløyen, 7. Bryggen


I stayed in this airBnB. The host was lovely and extremely welcoming. He provided us with some great knowledge on Bergen and how we could make the most of our short stay! I definitely recommend staying here if you are stopping through Bergen. The decor was really nice and modern. It is in an excellent location right in the centre of town, literally a street above the Fløibanen.

IMG_4630IMG_46878. Around Bergen, 9. View from Fløyen

Travel tips:

  • Getting to the airport: you can catch a bus right outside the information centre, on the main street in Bergen, to the airport to travel onto your next destination.
  • Fløibanen funicular: Walk down the mountain instead of getting the funicular back down to save money. An added bonus is that is an adventurous way to see more of Bergen!
  • Bring a packed lunch: to save money and time, we started to buy our groceries from the supermarket and bring packed lunches! The food at the grocery stores were always fresh. Bergen has a beautiful little bakery right outside the Fløibanen funicular where we got our bread and some pastries for the day, too!

General cost:

Very expensive! As you travel up through Norway, the towns and cities proceed to get more and more expensive, as there are less options for where you can eat so the restaurants can make the prices as high as they want!

IMG_463410. Lille Lungegårdsvannet

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