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If you’re planning a trip to Norway, than I am sure seeing the fjords is at the top of your “to-do” list. However, the online websites can be a little bit confusing or a little too expensive to pay the full price of the Norway in a Nutshell and you’re wondering if there is anyway you can save some of your pennies. Well, since I just went on the tour I wanted to share my own experience and let you know some tricks of the trade!

1. View from boat of fjords, 2. Finse Station, 3. Myrdall Station, 4. View from train

Booking the tickets: 

There are two options of doing Norway in a Nutshell. If you’re looking for the easy but ultimately more expensive way, you can book straight through this website. This is the hassle free and ultimately a lighter wallet way. But if you are an organised traveller (booking up to 60 days in advance) and are looking to save some money in this very expensive country, I recommend booking with the NSB (this is the national transport company in Norway), and get a mini pris ticket. This will get you to the first stop, Myrdal Station. Here you will walk roughly 20 steps, crossing over to the other side of the platform and take the train down to Flåm. This is where you take the cruise out on the fjords with Norway in a Nutshell. There is no way to save money when booking a cruise, as Norway in a Nutshell is the only company that runs the cruises on the fjords. So ultimately, you are saving money on the train ride there.


5. View from train, 6-7. Out on the fjords,

Getting there:

I travelled from Oslo to Bergen (you can travel the other way, or simply go straight back to Oslo after the cruise. However, I highly recommend visiting Bergen). There are a few different modes of transportation you take when getting to the fjords, then carrying on to Bergen or back to Oslo over the course of 12 hours. You can do this all in one day or you can opt to spread it out and stop along the way. We just opted for the day trip and stayed in Bergen for a day.

The trip started from Oslo- Myrdal, which was a four hour train ride and the only section where you have reserved seating. Try and get seats on the left side of the train, if possible as the views were stunning. The train will also make a few stops along the way. One special mention to Finse and the beautiful Siberian Husky that was SO gentle and soft just waiting outside with its owner.

From Myrdal you will take a beautiful, scenic 45 minute train ride. There are impeccable views on either side of the train, so it doesn’t really matter which side you sit and the train is likely to be very busy so just grab a seat where you can get one! Do try and get a seat with open windows though, as my photos didn’t turn out as stunning as they looked in real life due to the glare.

Once in Flåm you will continue on to Gundvangen on your 2 hour ferry ride through the best part of the Sognefjord. Walk around the whole boat in order to get different shots. Unfortunately for me, it was a very gloomy and rainy day and the rain never let up so I didn’t get to see the fjords in their absolute peak, which was a shame as we visited Norway in summer. But you can’t control the weather! It was still a magnificent experience and I’d always wanted to visit the beautiful fjords of Norway and now I can say I have!

You will end your journey in Voss, and from here either take the night bus back to Oslo or carry on to Bergen like we did. This took about one hour and the sites were beautiful, travelling high above in the mountains overlooking beautiful oceans and small, quaint towns. I wish I could have snapped some photos, but the bus was moving too fast! You’ll just have to see for yourselves. It was truly breathtaking, even though it was a little grey, gloomy and wet.

8-9. Out on the fjords,

Travel tips:

  • Plan: Plan and book ahead of time to save some money on the train ticket to Flåm!
  • Sun: Hope that the sun shines the day you visit the fjords, although I think it is an area that A LOT of rain tends to fall.
  • Food: Pack lots of food as it is a long day and I heard that the food on the cruise ship is not very tasty and overly expensive.
IMG_452610. Voss

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